Revel holiday blend supports clean water access in Mexican farming communities

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Higher Grounds donates 1% of our sales to On the Ground, our partner nonprofit. On the Ground empowers coffee farming communities through gender and social equity, environmental sustainability, and economic security. LEARN MORE >

Quality of coffee is directly linked to the well being of the people connected to it. 
At every touchpoint along the supply chain—farmers, co-ops, roasters, buyers, baristas, consumers—we advocate for not just the highest standards in coffee, but the highest standards of human life and respect. LEARN MORE >


Visit Your Farmers this January

Visit Your Farmers this January This January, On the Ground, Cooperative Coffees, and Maya Vinic are hosting an origin trip unlike any other.

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Holiday Coffee Pairings

Holiday Coffee Pairings Special meals and gatherings with friends and family are what the holidays are all about. Our coffee menu will sustain you at every turn, offering a wide range of selections for rounding out all your holiday moments.

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Cooking with Coffee on Michigan This Morning

Cooking with Coffee on Michigan This Morning

9&10 News was here at Higher Grounds today for seven live Michigan This Morning segments to talk all things coffee, from exploring the cupping process to using coffee grounds in cooking. Here's the recipe for our coffee + spice steak rub! Coffee + Spice Steak Rub Note: This rub works for steaks or slow-roasting...

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